Brad Katsuyama
CEO, IEX Group (featured in NYT Bestselling book The Flashboys)

Kate is an incredible blend of science/psychology/emotion and she has helped me understand myself better.  She provides great guidance and helps me talk through things and gain perspective.  She also calls it as it is and doesn’t take any nonsense – which I love (and need).  She is so good she now works with nearly all my exec team and has become part of the IEX family.

John Schwall (featured in NYT Bestselling book The Flashboys)  
COO, IEX Group

Kate, in a short time, you've helped me crystallize the purpose in my life and work. THANK YOU!

Khe Hy
Creator of Rad Reads and former Managing Director, BlackRock

Kate’s ability to positively impact her clients' lives is a gift for each and every one of us.  I look back to our first meeting where I was wound up and purpose-seeking as a turning point in my life. Our work together impacted my family life and extended even more broadly my community of friends and peers. Ultimately Kate’s work and compassion makes its way throughout the world, touching the lives of people she has never even met.  I thank her for that, it is truly a blessing - the start of a journey of a lifetime of work and friendship.  

Emmet Dennis
Sundial Brands, Partner & Chief Community Officer

Every time I think I’ve had the best session ever, the next session proves me wrong. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.  I’m intrigued by how well you do what you do, so whenever I learn more about your journey, it really inspires me and makes a difference.  I know I have a lot more ahead of me, but I am so grateful that I’m able to do it with your guidance.

Kelly Thompson
COO, Global E-Commerce Sam's Club

After working with Kate for only 5 months, I started seeing benefits immediately in both personal and professional aspects of my life.  As a wife, mother, and executive my work with Kate has helped crystallize my personal essence, better understand what it is I’m called to do, and helped identify what drives me which helped me strive despite all the demands of my life.   Like anything else that leads to meaningful improvement, you need to invest time and energy in the work—I did and started seeing returns immediately.  Kate is an excellent and active listener who pays attention in the moment as well as to conversations that play out over time.  My favorite part of working with Kate is the varied background of experience and education she’s able to pull from, she can jump from spiritual topics to corporate executive empathy in a single sentence.   This enables her approach to the work to be holistic and more broadly effective.  She’s wonderful to spend time with and her method is effective and transformational.

Kristin Soong Rapoport
SVP, Fortress Investment Group

It was so transformative and healing to work with you this year. I came to you in the toughest time in my life feeling very low and self critical. You taught me to push myself in a healthier way by looking inward for motivation and comfort. Your teaching allowed me to LET GO of the self limiting thoughts that were keeping me from dreaming big. I was able to reengage my love for helping others and pass on your teachings through my own kindness and support of others who are going through tough career and life battles. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

Brad Lande
SVP, Global Brand & Marketing, Culture Amp 

Working with Kate has made me a better human being. It has taught me how to listen to my inner guidance and find peace and grounding in my work and personal life. I also was taught SO many tools that I find myself using regularly, even years after our coaching work has ended. Those tools have allowed me to handle conflict gracefully and consciously and to build authentic partnerships with colleagues, business partners and friends. Most of all, I learned to bring my full self to everything I do and honor that voice inside that leads to fulfillment and purpose. I don't say this lightly; I would not be the peaceful warrior and strong heartfelt leader I am today without the work I have done with Kate.

Barbara Ward Thall
SVP, Global Brand Marketing, Audible

It’s been life-changing working with Kate. I wanted to believe that I could find or create work that I truly loved…work that aligns with my purpose…but, I doubted. I was afraid. Our work together exceeded my wildest expectations. The biggest difference in my life now is that I don’t apologize for what I want. I know now that I have the right to fulfillment in my life.

Elizabeth Falkner
Chef, Iron Chef Finalist, Author and TV Personality

In culinary competitions, much like athletics, I have to pull together the best coaches. Kate's organized and enthusiastic teachings help me stay focused to bring out my peak performance, having fun all the way.

Murray Nossel
Founder & Director of Narativ Inc, Author & Documentary Filmmaker
What I find most exciting about the creative process is the ability to enter unchartered territory and to make new discoveries. While exhilarating, it is also easy for me to become lost in the jungle of images and ideas. And fantastic artistic projects fail to get off the ground on account of my difficulties defining them for others and myself. Working with Kate has helped me not only to define these projects but more importantly to define who I am as an artist. Kate's work goes well beyond that of a coach. For me she is a shaman...a guide into the ways of nature.

Tim Saternow
Water Color Artist and Film & TV Art Director

I loved our work has been really important to reprogram my brain around my art and earning money doing it. I now have a feeling of power over my destiny rather than waiting to be noticed and for someone else taking me there.

Natalie Gamsu
Singer, Actress, Teacher and Voice Journeyer

The word ' life-coach' used to terrify me. I imagined having to immediately make lists of time based goals. From the first session, with me stammering...."I don't know, um, I don't know.... I don't know..."Feeling worse and worse.

That is not what happened...On the contrary.

Kate is a life-friend.... A life-listener.... A life-intuiter.... A life-interpreter....

Parts of my being that were blocked became light filled. A new found freedom in my responses have become possible. A lightness of being... There is much work still to do. And I cannot wait to continue with Kate.