Kate Bednarski

FOUNDER, 5 stepping stones                                   Transpersonal Coach & SHAMANIC healer

Raised in Delaware, second smallest of the United States, I grew up with dreams of being a doctor. I enjoyed a diverse work history including time spent as a sports scientist for Converse where I developed the first true women’s running shoe last (the form used to construct shoes); a brand marketing executive growing several successful women’s brands including Keds, Walmart, and Ryka as President. As the Women's Global Business Manager at Nike I led NIKE’s move from #3 to the top women’s athletic brand in the world while making NIKE "a more profitable and caring company” as noted by Judy Rosener in her book America’s Competitive Secret

"The rest is history, Bednarski's ads won numerous awards and were the talk of the advertising community. Today Nike is perceived as a firm that cares about women. If she hadn't argued for changing its corporate agenda, Nike might be less profitable today."

I stepped out of and returned to the corporate world several times noticing consistent dissatisfaction among my workmates in every workplace. I wanted to change that. This became the focus of my spirituality studies and the topic of my master's thesis turned coaching playbook I created (entitled 5 Stepping Stones to Work with Purpose and Live with Meaning)   assists people to discover their true selves and right work. 

I left the executive suite for good years ago and founded my company 5 Stepping Stones through which I partner with business, financial and creative leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and actors accompanying them on their paths toward authenticity and wholeness.

Complementing experience I gained as an executive leader, I earned an MS in Biomechanics, an MLA in Creation Spirituality and a certificate in Interfaith Spiritual Direction. I've trained with Quechuan, Taino and Native American shamans and learned sound and intuitive healing integrating all of these into my coaching/healing practice.

As a Transpersonal Coach and Shamanic Healer, I specialize in transformation. I partner with people longing to work and live true to their whole authentic selves, engage in their right work, experience meaning and ascend to their highest state of being.

I lead journeys to Ecuador for small groups of women where we work with indigenous shamanas and plant medicine people to experience a different way of living which transforms each journeyer in front of my eyes every time.

I am a long-time yoga and stillness practitioner, a former competitive cyclist, professionally trained chef and a pretty decent drummer.  I live and work with my two 2 rescued Portuguese Podengo Pequeno pups in the Catskill mountains of upstate New York

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