What's at the heart of your organization?

Coaching Leaders and Their Teams

Transpersonal coaching is important in leadership and culture development because no one can be an effective leader unless they are self-aware and develop as a whole authentic person.

How can you effectively lead people if others don't want you to lead them?

How can you keep your teams engaged in an undesirable or toxic work culture?

My transpersonal coaching style provides a well-rounded approach to developing focused energetic leaders and teams while also addressing the stress and malaise that sour organizations, the corporate world and modern society. I identify where there is conflict and how to best manage it. I help executives, leaders and their teams make a difference in a significant way and create meaning in their lives in and out of work.


Kate has been our go-to team coach for the last 3 years. Her guidance helped us make tough choices while creating a consensus among the team and empowering each individual to fulfill their tasks. The result of our work with her has been greater focus toward a common vision. Kate's process determined that 50% of our time was spent on tasks that were not producing the kinds of results our business needed to grow. So she gently showed us a way forward by getting my team to create a vision for ourselves that we believed in with specific actions that we could take. This was 3 years ago. Today, we are operating a much more focused, productive and energized enterprise, doubling our revenues in that amount of time. We continue to consult with Kate every time we are faced with tough decisions and changes to our environment.    

-- Jerome DeRoy, CEO, Narativ