I emphasis discernment in our work together. Discernment is the art and practice of noticing and listening to your inner self. You learn how to recognize movements that arise from your deepest longing. Discerning your purpose offers adventure, revelation and impact. Decisions can be made in a snap while discernment requires time, courage, determination and willingness to look at your own truths as you ponder possibility. I partner with you providing presence, listening and questions to guide you along the way.

10 Steps of Discernment

In discernment you learn how to recognize movements that rise from our core being. To discern engages not only your mind but also your body, heart and spirit. To discern requires you to be still and patient and to develop the ability to notice things not inherently obvious. To practice discerning your right work or any important transition in your life follow these steps:

1. Focus -- Create a statement for one issue you wish to discern 

2. Longing -- Listen to your Heart and Spirit 

3. Desire -- Check the direction of your heart

4. Intensity -- Check the passion of your heart  

5. Vulnerability -- Keep a soft and open heart

6. Imagine -- Use your Imagination  

7. Openness -- Stay open to all possibilities 

8. Attention -- Pay attention to your inner voice through each step

9. Consider -- Contemplate the pros & cons 

10. Decide -- Come to a Tentative Decision and live in the yes and the no of it