Personal Purpose #2: What Moves You?

Discerning your life's work must be much more than a response to what you want to do with your life. Our true work, the work that will ultimately last for a lifetime, is that to which our divine nature calls us. Our job is to discover it, discern it and finally, accept it.

Realizing and embracing our passions in life contributes another important step in the discovery of our purpose and life's work. Following our call resembles the same kind of long-term commitment as a partnership or marriage. If we choose to enter into a committed relationship with another person, we want to be sure that we truly love and share a common purpose with that person. Long-term, committed relationships always involve both struggle and joy, and there must be some higher purpose in the relationship or you won’t be able to maintain it.

Our passions, what we love to do and care about most, frequently do not make great career choices. We most often experience a trade-off between passion and security. Yet, when we embrace our passions, we also meet our compassion and somehow find our way to what it is that compels and calls us forth. We can then consider whether we are willing to risk it all to follow the call. That is the essence of our life’s work — it calls us forth never back. We feel, hear or somehow acknowledge that pull and move toward it without delay.

Discovering your life's work involves taking a number of steps including: trusting yourself and your memories, noticing your inner stirrings and visions, carving out non-busy time for you to get to know yourself, using your imagination and relying on those who know you best.  To learn more about how to discover your purpose send an email to