Personal Purpose #3: Find Your Passions

Our passions, what we love to do, frequently do not make great career choices. We most often assume a trade-off between passion and security.

Before we begin our work together, I ask each of my clients about their passions...what they most love doing or being. In return, I've experienced a range of emotions from blank stares, to big smiles of delight to tears of sadness from not knowing or being alientated from their joy. As I've written before, when we discover our passions, we also meet our compassion...our heart opens...and somehow we find our way to what it is that compels us and calls us forth.

Here are a few steps you can take to help uncover your passions: 
1. Fall in love 
If we feel a committed sense of caring and compassion for something, someone or some concern, we may find our passions there.

2.Look for Intensity
In terms of color, our passions are toward the red end of the spectrum. Passion, says Greg Levoy, “spills from us like heat from a fire…the smelling salts of the soul."

3. Discover what you would most hate to lose in life
What is it that you pursue for its own sake? What do you study when there are no tests to take? What do you create even though no one may ever see it? What matters most to you, whether you are doing it or not—what do you fantasize about doing if you weren’t worried about consequences, about money or about making anyone else happy but yourself? What fills you with the same feeling that poet Anne Sexton refers to when she writes,  “…when I’m writing, I know I am doing the thing I was born to do”?

4. Get to know yourself
Discover yourself, who you are, what your essence is, what you are made up of and what makes your soul soar. Knowledge of self unlocks the door to identifying your passions and choosing to lead a fulfilling life. In order to do this, you must possess the ability to observe and name your feelings. This ability will be your cornerstone to discovering your passions and discerning your life’s work.

Knowing and pursuing our passions contributes to the discovery of self and our true work. May you play in your passions and live in flow with ease and grace. To learm more about how to discover your purpose send an email to